Fill Her Up

I am traveling this week, writing this post on my phone. Not easy but doable.

This little getaway to Arizona has served its DSC_0374purpose and is only halfway over. I needed to get my batteries recharged. I’m getting there.

Today we visited an office where I worked for 5 years. The girls were surprised to see me and made me feel so missed. I remembered everyone’s names and even though it has been 7 short years since I worked there, they told me they still have my voice on the evening and weekend voicemail for the office. I’m still smiling about that. I felt the love! I needed that. It filled me up.

We crossed the border for fish tacos. While in Mexico, we bought a big bag of candy to pass out on our walk through the streets. Giving candy away diverts them from constantly trying to sell their wares to us. A bit manipulative but I so enjoyed watching my husband pass out candy as if it were Halloween. The endless smiles and interaction with the street vendors and children filled me up.

Later we visited my aging uncle who is reeling from my aunt’s recent death. They had been married 50+ years. He gave me the snowflake she crocheted … took it right down from the window and gave it to me. It filled me up.

I’m exhausted but excited that we fit so much into this day.

With visiting done today, I’m hoping to take a nice walk in the desert early tomorrow for some photo ops. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Love, susan


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